Workshops, Retreats, Trainings

Workshops, Retreats, Trainings


Three-month renewable program of weekly conversations based on client goals. Coaching support includes addressing integrity, authenticity, forgiveness and healing.

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In a group of 4 to 6, we explore particular areas in depth with practices and sharing that put you out in the world practicing ways of being and doing that light you up.
A favorite is "Having Challenging Conversations with Grace, Respect and Results"

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Three stages:
1. Two meetings to free yourself from a specific upset at yourself or other. $300 See here, 

If you want to deepen this......
2. Five weeks of coaching to practice the tools from the first two sessions. You never have to be upset again, unless you choose! $750

If you want to deepen this......
3. Another five-week training program so YOU can offer this life-changing tool to others. $750

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“Complaint as a Gift ~ Turning Complaints into Requests”
“Loss, Grief and a New Beginning: The Dynamics of Bereavement” “Making Room for the Holy”
(For Women) “How to Hear and Be Heard…by Men.”
"Having Challenging Conversations with Grace, Respect and Results"

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Open only to those who have gained proficiency with The Forgiveness Process® and feel called to become a Forgiveness Coach for others. This is an intensive, 3-month online training program for 8-10 people. Highly selective, rigorous and transforming.

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Making Room for the Holy
"I was struggling with a sense of malaise, loss of focus, direction and energy – not only about physical clutter, but also re accomplishing simple life tasks. The tools you offered came along at a most opportune time. Each one has brought me to more deeply understand aspects of my personal history, patterns I’ve struggled with, and a starting point to move more freely into the future."

Spiritual Direction
"I have a sweeter, more loving, more personal understanding of God's unconditional and deep love for me. I found that God has a sense of humor, and that He is not judging me-my every move- but instead is loving me at all times."

The Forgiveness Process
"I am feeling happy! I am intentional about doing things that make me happy and fulfilled and have deepened my relationship with myself. When I am triggered I use The Forgiveness Process to forgive myself or re-forgive. I am a stand for myself."

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